C-Collection's latest addition by striking artist Naiza Khan - please vote!
Pakistani artist Naiza Khan created "Terra Incognita", a drawing of the fort at Manora which had been attacked and destroyed by the British before their capture of Karachi in February 1839. The fort, which faces the Arabian Sea, became a symbol of both destruction and fortification. The title "Terra Incognita" expresses the tragic state of this historic site – having been erased before ever being mapped.
C-Collection presents the latest polarizing photo series by Tina Winkhaus - please vote!
The latest photo series of German artist Tina Winkhaus polarizes with children who are squeezed into a strange shell of the adult world. Like vacant-looking dolls or innocent warriors, completed with glamorous dresses or fully uniformed. What is not illustrated here are the responsible authorities. It is they who are using these children as representations of their own image of perfection. Seeming fragile in their role, they are imbued with a sense of sadness and foreignness.
C-Collection introduces the elaborate shapes by Wassakorn Khungthaworn - please vote!
The promising Thai artist Anupong Chantorn raises questions about ideas concerning what defines a monk as good, deserving of respect or as an evil spirit resulting from bad karma. Monks with less than perfect behavior regularly make headline news. The young artist is considered one of the most controversial artists in Thailand. His paintings and drawings examine Buddhist beliefs in Thai society while unearthing what he believes are misconceptions of Buddhist traditions and principles of honesty.
C-Collection wishes you a peaceful Christmas time and a Happy New Year
It has been a prosperous year for us, a success we could not have accomplished without you and our community. Thank you for your interest in our work over the past year. We are looking forward to fostering and promoting creativity further in 2012, we wish you a delightful Christmas season and a Happy New Year.
C-Collection's latest addition by exceptional artist Saul Zanolari - please vote!
Swiss artist Saul Zanolari operates in a world where anything seems possible. And indeed, his work appears to resign from any tradition. Although in his large-scale works one can certainly identify role models, the visual representations remain without recognizable references. By using the latest image processing techniques he transforms his real subjects into manga-like creatures. The traditional portrait and the individual are reinterpreted by the artist. The spatial environment is as surreal as the protagonists themselves.
C-Collection presents the surreal vision of Ted Vasin - take part in the voting!
The work by Russian-born US-based artist Ted Vasin is the extension of a thought - the visualization of the silent, flat image in his mind. He compares the action of painting of the creation of dreams. The viewer is confronted with the artist's inner world while standing in front of his work - almost like stepping into someone else's dream or nightmare. The painted dream permits the entrance of creatures and scenes that were never seen before - visions that do not match with previous real-life experiences.
C-Collection introduces the outstanding work of painter Sador Weinsčlucker - please vote!
The sensitive work is the first in a series of portrait paintings by German artist Sador Weinsčlucker. His portraits bring out his subjects' inner essence - seen from the artist's point of view. Whereas the naked arms, the uncovered face turned almost directly towards the viewer, and the partially transparent dress lend the figure a sense of openness and freedom, the clasped hands resting on the figure's lap and the twisted feet resting on the legs of the stool appear both cramped and tense in a strict composition.
C-Collection's latest addition by elaborate painter Oren Eliav - please vote!
In his paintings, Israeli Oren Eliav reinterprets and perhaps redirects the classic play. Through his painterly skill and direction, he revisits traditional themes while at the same time rejuvenating them in a contemporary setting. The selected details are not only referential to portrait paintings because of the perspective and format, but they clearly indicate a background story. They become symbols for an historical event which stays anonymous yet becomes present through the representation of a single detail which hints at the ungraspable nature of the sublime.
C-Collection presents the controversial work by Anupong Chantorn - please vote!
Young Thai artist Anupong Chantorn is considered one of the most controversial artists in Thailand. His paintings and drawings examine Buddhist beliefs in Thai society while unearthing, what he believes are, misconceptions of Buddhist traditions and principles of honesty. The artist raises questions about ideas concerning what defines a monk as good, deserving of respect or as an evil spirit resulting from bad karma. Chantorn's work questions the ethics of Buddhist beliefs that result from the good deeds and wrong doings of all human beings.
C-Collection acquired a new conceptual work by Dmitry Kawarga - take part in the voting!
Russian Dmitry Kawarga, a profoundly conceptual artist, calls himself a radical of biological morphs. By creating three-dimensional projections of fragments of abstract thought forms, streams of consciousness, thinking processes, fragments of perception, and reflexes, he materializes the non-haptic phenomena and makes the unseen visible. However abstract, the biomorphic forms appear natural and real.