Wassakorn Khungthaworn

Phetburi, Thailand
Butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts of all cultures from ancient times until the present. Their infinitely varied patterns have inspired artists for many centuries. Butterflies are often used as symbols of transformation, death, rebirth, resurrection, awakening, consciousness, courage, love, joy, and hope.

With his large-scale sculptures, Thai artist Wassakorn Khungthaworn depicts the metamorphosis of a caterpillar, symbolizing new life. The moment when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly is frozen in the fixed form of the sculpture. With his work, Khungthaworn seeks to demonstrate the power of life, regardless of the size of the creature. The new life is the beginning of all things and therefore the beginning of the circle of life. In his work the caterpillar is seen analogous to the life-long learning and constantly changing society of humankind. Just as the many myths and legends about butterflies reflect the spirit of the creatures, which are often used to symbolize planetary evolution, Kungthaworn connects the metamorphosis of the insect with the circle of nature – transformation and evolution – and compares the caterpillar to the human mental condition that is perpetually changing when learning and understanding about oneself and others.

Kungthaworn's steel sculptures are well-studied depictions showing false eye-spots and bright warning colors. While butterflies traditionally are symbols of eternal love, hope and transformation, Kungthaworn's “mega-sculptures” of the long-distance flying insects mirror the contemporary.

The material used is recycled steel from everyday life, with the purpose to create the balance that combine harmoniously with nature that can always be something every human being can depend on as well as something that will bring about the happiness to all of us.

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Bachelor of Fine Art, Department of Applied Art (Sculpture), Faculty of Decorative Art, Silpakorn University

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54th National Exhibition of Art


Young Artist Support Award, the 25thYoung Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition.

Special prize, the 20th “Toshiba Brings Good Things to Life” Art Exhibition.

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