Saul Zanolari

Shanghai, China
Saul Zanolari once said: 'The ignorance of the past is the key of my success.' And indeed, his work seems to resign from any tradition. Although in his large-scale works one can certainly identify role models, the visual representations remain without recognizable references.

In Zanolari's work, imagery, motif and technique seem to incorporate all the symbols of the so-called 'contemporary'. For his portrait series the artist uses pictures of friends or prominent contemporaries. By using the latest image processing techniques he transforms his real subjects into manga-like creatures. The traditional portrait and the individual are reinterpreted by the artist. The spatial environment is as surreal as the protagonists themselves.

Zanolari operates in a world where anything seems possible, where heavily discussed issues of aesthetics are simply replaced by a new set of rules: prominent models shine with hairy faces, crying dolls awake from numbness and the famous portrait of Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out is transformed by the placement of two match sticks that seem to relieve the subject's eyes. Zanolari ignores not only the past, but also the gridlock of the here and now in order to invent a new and different present, a subjective one - perhaps a present with a keen eye on the future.

Swiss artist Saul Zanolari had his first exhibition in Milan, Italy in 2005. During the following few years his work has gained international attention as he received recognition in Beijing, London, Milan, New York, Paris and Rome.

place & year of birth
1977 in Mendrisio, Switzerland

featured galleries

1993 - 1995
Economic Studies (level1)

1995 - 1997
Economic Studies (level2)

1997 - 2004
Master in Art in Philosophy (Milan - Italy)

Master in teaching and pedagogic technics

solo exhibitions
Mai 5th - 31st / Saul' Soul - Heist Gallery - New York City (USA)
March 1st – 31st / Post Human - F2 Gallery – Beijing, China

April 26th – June 2nd / What I can’t put down in words - Luciano Inga-Pin – Milan, Italy
December / Nettie Horn Gallery – London, UK

May 29th – June 12nd / Dolls, Drags and Djs - Brick Lane Gallery – London, UK
September 16 – October 7 / New New Portraits - Galerie Mamia Bretesché – Paris, France

group exhibitions
September – December / Safotofestival San Antonio – Texas / USA
October 10th - 25th / Emergenze Creative / MAR Museo d'Arte della citta' di Ravenna - Italy

July 5th – August 12 / Beauhemia - Nettie Horn Gallery – London, UK
May – June / Galerie Mamia Bretesché – Paris, UK

February 21st – 26th / The Adi Projects Space – London, UK
May 5 / Act Art 4 - Central Station – London, UK
May - June / Clampart Gallery - New York City / USA
September 1st – December 31st/ Safotofestival San Antonio – Texas / USA
September 25th – October 15th / Art Below Projects – London, UK
October 10th – 29th / Brick Lane Gallery – London

March 17th – May 31st / Luciano Inga-Pin – Milan, Italy
May – August / Art Ahead Showroom – Basel , Switzerland