Zhang Peng

Beijing, China
Zhang Peng’s photographs seduce the viewer with their deep, saturated colors and surreal imagery. The images speak of the insatiable desire for all things Western. They speak of the obsession with glamour, youth and sex; they tell of isolation and helplessness. The girl seems to represent the vulnerability of the young urban Chinese generation that is caught between opposing
Chinese and Western cultures, between tradition and modernization.

The images also refer to Zhang Peng’s own pain of growing up in China. Zhang Peng grew up in the eighties, the post-Cultural Revolution era that was a very harsh time in China. The work deals with Zhang Peng’s own childhood and his feelings of helplessness during that period in his life.

place & year of birth
1981 in Shan Dong, China

featured galleries

Graduated from the Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Art

Graduated from the Wu Zuo Ren Art Secondary School

solo exhibitions
Zhang Peng: Fascinating Beauty, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York

Blooms of Frailty, Zhang Peng Solo Exhibition, Art Seasons, Beijing, China

group exhibitions
The Revolution Continues: New Art From China, Saatchi Museum, London, UK
Shanghai Second Biennale, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
China, Beyond Socialist Realism, Chosun Ilbo Museum, Seoul, Korea
Consumption of History, East Asian Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, China
Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Alexander Ochs, Berlin, Germany
Germinators, China Square, New York
China trifft Berlin, Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germany
BlueDot ASIA 2008, Seoul, Korea
Face East, Wedel Fine Art, London, UK
Hanging in the Sky, Drifting on the Surface, Linda Gallery, Beijing, China
Waiting in the Wings, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China
Bridge Art Fair, New York
Scope London Art Fair
Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York
Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair
CIGE, Beijing

CHINA NOW: Lost in Transition, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York
Narrative, Fantasy, Future, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
Sino-American Artists Group Show, A Space, Beijing, China
798 Art Festival, Beijing, China
Art Singapore
Art Cologne
CIGE Beijing
Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Beyond Foreordination, Art Seasons, Singapore
The Power of the Paper, Art Seasons, Beijing, China
A Tale of Two Cities, Art Seasons, Beijing, China
China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China
Art Taipei
Art Beijing
Art Cologne
Art Singapore2008

2nd Place, Central Academy of Fine Art Graduates Work Exhibition (collected by the Central Academy of Fine Art Museum)

Selected for Light of Academy Exhibition

3rd Place, 3rd Year Students Work Exhibition

Theme Inspiration Award, Olympic Art Exhibition