Pichit Sonkom

KonKaen, Thailand
Pichit Sonkom has created a variety of welded sculptures over the last few years. Inspired by broken weaving machines, he developed a technique that allows him to build complex structures in organic forms. The many small metal pieces that are joined together with the techniques of welding remind one of skeletons – the color and surface structure of the resin, often found in the centre of his sculptures, even seem to suggest the backbone of a creature, quite specifically.

In spite of the skeleton-like appearance, the metal sculptures by the Thai artist are not at all the image of a dead object. Their dynamic form accompanied by energetic titles such as “Flame” or “King of Nagas” point to something bigger than life or death. Sonkom's decorative yet essential sculptural bodies seem to illustrate the spirit of animate creatures – creatures that do not depend on fixed form but on its variable appearance. From one perspective Sonkom's sculpture might be associated with a duck or swan, but from another, with a blazing flame.

In his work, Pichit Sonkom combines Thai traditions such as the myths of the Nagas with elements of everyday life. Inspired by machines that were once built for a specific purpose, Sonkom takes over the object the moment it has lost its former function. The metal pieces reminiscent of spokes of a bicycle, can be associated with movement and acceleration – but regardless of the many references the sculptures may contain, they serve no purpose other than the principles of l'art pour l'art.

place & year of birth
1984. KonKaen Province, Thailand

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KonKaen Primary & Secondary school

KaenNakhon College,KonKaen

Silpakorn University, Bangkok

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Global Warning.PTT.Thailand

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“Sculpture of life”, The Silom Galleria Art Space,Bangkok

Nation Art Exhibition 54, Bangkok
Lively Thailand 2008. Amari Watergate Hotel
Thailand young Artist 25
Global Warning.PTT.Thailand

Contemporary Sculpture 1, Silapakorn University
Nation Art Exhibition 53, Bangkok

Amari Watergate Hotel
Arrow.Exhibition,KonKaen University
Art & Music Ability, Silpakorn University

Land and Seascape Exhibition 6. Silpakorn University
Lively Thailand


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King of Nagas

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