Claudiu Ciobanu

Birlad, Romania
Romanian artist Claudiu Ciobanu creates a whole series of paintings. In 2008, for example, he made five paintings all showing a car in different contexts sorted under the title “Pink Noise”. Another series of the same year called “Diary for a day: trip to heaven” illustrates common gestures and activities of people in private situations. With his serial paintings Claudiu Ciobanu approaches one particular topic from more than one perspective. The more options there are the more likely it becomes for the viewer to identify with at least one of the illustrations.

Instead of constructing sophisticated stories Claudiu Ciobanu focuses on trivia of every-day life. While a city is often associated with a large population, extreme noise and dirt, Ciobanu’s paintings referring to urban space do not show any of that. The noisy engines of the cars have been turned off and most of the people have disappeared from the streets.

Ciobanu studies the differing atmosphere of a city from day to night and from private space to public space. The electrical devices such as washing machines, cars, or mobile phones that are often pictured in his paintings point to the influence of technological changes on our way of communication and mobility.

There is neither criticism nor glorification transmitted in the paintings. The image, however, is a subjective one since it is illustrated as observed by the artist, more than as a statement it can be read as a documentary on urban life from a different point of view.

place & year of birth
Barlad, Romania (1984)

featured galleries
Fonseca, Cupola, Galeria Noua, 26Gallery

Master studies at University of Arts 'GEORGE ENESCU',
Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Design, Iasi, Romania.

Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Design at the same University, painting section.

solo exhibitions
-Perfect World, Atelierul de Productie,Bucharest
-New project, Cupola Gallery, Iasi
-Perfect World, Cupola Gallery, Iasi
-Archived Emotions, together with Marinela Botez, 26/OTA Gallery, Bucharest

The Apartment, together with Marinela Botez, Cupola Gallery, Iasi
Heaven versus Noise, together with Marinela Botez, Frunzetti Galery Bacau

Diary for a day: trip to heaven, Marinela Botez & Claudiu Ciobanu, Lapusneanu Gallery Iasi
Pink Noise, N. Tonitza Gallery Iasi

group exhibitions
Art fairs:

- Berliner Liste 2011, Berlin, Germany

-'I am', Embassy of Romania to the US, Washington, Dc
-'I Am a Romanian: The Bucharest-Tel Aviv Route', Ben Gurion University of Negev ,
Beer- Sheeva , Israel, curator Haim Maor

- Biennial 'George Petrascu',Targoviste
- 'Three colors I know in the world', Dana Gallery, Iasi
- 'Thou shalt not kill' , curator Alexandra Titu, TIMCO Gallery, Timişoara
- 'Tomorrow is another day', Cupola Gallery, Iasi
- Rural Plain Air, Art Simpozion, Hodora, Iasi

Young Romanian Art 10, Slightly bored, New Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice (IT), curator Mircea Nicolae

Three visions and one city, Fonseca Gallery, Salamanca, (ES)


A5Magazine No: 9 REMIX, ICR Tel Aviv
PPP Magazine No:15/16
Between original and originating
Pill success

Born 1984 dead 2008

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No Men for Old Cars

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