Aroonsak Pathanakulanun

Nakornprathom, Thailand
With his large sculptures young artist Aroonsak Pathanakulanun gestures to the beauty of nature. He studies the form of particular elements and builds an enlarged model so as to make the viewer aware of the aesthetics of our natural environment. In his works, Pathanakulanun translates the complex structures of nature into pure organic forms. Whereas the pure form would be an object of design, Pathanakulanun's sculptures contain symbolic meaning and make reference to art history. This applies, for example, to his work “My Flower” (2009).

The motif of flowers in art is by no means new. The traditional floral still life was turned into a projection screen for the artists’ emotions in Impressionism. By crossing the serial image of the television age with a serial motif of nature, the flower, Andy Warhol developed a new concept of modernism. Since Warhol, artworks based on the floral motif have experienced a true renaissance. Contemporary works on the theme of the flower such as Jeff Koon’s “Balloon Flowers”, Pipilotti Rist’s video “Herbstzeitlose (Saffron Flower or Fall Time Less)“, or Wolfgang Tillman’s flower photography often relate to a bigger context. In everyday life however we mostly use the flower as a token gesture.

Pathanakulanun’s non-fading sculpture “My Flower” is both a gesture and a highly contemporary statement: he gives his “My Flower” to us, and at the same time confronts us with the beauty of nature in the form of a sculpture, two meters high, which can hardly be overlooked.

place & year of birth
Nakornprathom Province, 1985

featured galleries

Faculty of Decorative arts, Applied Sculpture - Silprakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

solo exhibitions

group exhibitions
Contemporary art show of young artists 23, 24 and 25.
The International Exhibition of Art No. 54.
Exhibition of Art PTT No. 23.
Exhibition of Art, Toshiba No. 18 and 19.
The sculpture shows the Rotary Club of Thonburi (2549).
Sketch Sculpture Art Exhibitions for 30th Anniversary of DICHAN Magazine.
Exhibition of Art Young Thai Artist Award 2007.

Special Prize, Sketch Sculpture Art Exhibitions for 30th Anniversary of DICHAN Magazine
Silp Peerasri - Silver Honor, 24th Contemporary Art by Young Artist Exhibition
Special Prize, Young Artist Award, 2007
Consolation prize, contest draft work as sculpture Celebrating 30 years I Nittaya substances in 2551 women mag.

My Flower

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