Alex Kiessling

Vienna, Austria
Alex Kiessling’s body of work is meant to be the examination of the complexity of man’s levels of existence. How do positions
within a society come about, how do we define our identity, where does individuality begin and where does it end, how and
why are status symbols used in the everyday global consumer culture, how is the interaction between the subconscious and
the conscious both as an individual and in a crowd, and to what degree do dreams bridge the communication gap between the
aforementioned poles of our existence?

Regarding the question about dreams, I differentiate between 3 various, yet strongly related orientations: firstly, personal dream sequences during sleep, then medial sequences which can trigger dreams or induce “hopes (goals)”, and finally systems which present dream-like structures, such as which function as “alternate worlds”. These 3 categories most clearly reflect mans’ desires, fears, and drives, and they provide the subconscious motives and matters of our lives with a meaningful manifestation and simultaneously with a language that, through its structured sounds, makes these matters able to be recognized and interpreted.

place & year of birth
1980 in Vienna

featured galleries

2000 – 2005
Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria

solo exhibitions
Simulations, Galerie Suppan, Vienna, Austria

Double World, Galerie Suppan, Vienna, Austria

Melting Realities, Galerie Suppan, Vienna, Austria

group exhibitions
MiArt 08, Miami, USA
KunStart 08, Bolzano, Italy

KunStart 07, Bolzano, Italy

Art Salzburg, Austria
KunStart 06, Bolzano, Italy
Eisenberger, dies ist doch kein Porno, Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz, Austria