Tan Wei Kheng

Miri, Malaysia
“I travel into the dense interior and spend time time with the people of the interior known as the Orang Ulu.
I study and photograph them and paint people from theKayan, Kenyah, Penan, Kelabit und Iban communities.” (Tan Wei Kheng, Sarawak Kaleidoscope, 2002)

The artist Tan Wei Kheng is specialized in portraits from the indigenous communities living in the interior of Sarawak. Sarawak is situated along the northeast coast of the island Borneo and is beside Sabah, the second state which belongs to Malaysia. The large expanse of rainforest in Sarawak’s interior is crisscrossed by many winding rivers, which are often the only way to the places where the natural tribes are living.

Tan Wei Kheng had his first contact with the natural tribes from the interior in his early childhood when he lived in Marudi, which was visited by them from time to time. He developed his fascination for these people, because they were so completely different in the way they looked. Some of them were tattooed on arms, hands and feet or had elongated ear lobes sometimes stretched down to the shoulders or had completely shaved eye-browns. He started very early to make his first drawings and drafts of them. Since that time, he has traveled into the deep of the dense interior to photograph the people in their natural
surrounding and to make portraits of them.

It is Tan Wei Kheng’s destiny to draw attention to the beauty and specialty of the people of his country. For him there exists only one medium to do it: the portrait. As self taught artist without any formal training- Tan Wei Kheng studied art only by reading art books- he achieved a level of artistry, comparable with the technique of the old masters that filled people with awe.

place & year of birth
1970 in Marudi, Sarawak, Malaysia

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The Sarawakiana Series – Sarawak Artist
TAN WEI KHENG – Discover Sarawak (E-Book published by Pustaka Negeri Sarawak)

Iban Man with Fighting Cock

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Kenyah Woman from Long Tugan

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