Shadi Ghadirian

Teheran, Iran
Shadi Ghadirian is without a doubt one of the important innovators in the Iranian art scene by introducing a brand-new element in to the Iranian image of Muslim women: Irony….Her women, veiled or not, tell about daily life in a pleasurable way as e.g. in the “Quajar” or “Like Every Day” series.

These women are not warriors or revolutionaries and are an antithesis of how Westerners typically see Muslim females: either as victims or heroes. Nonetheless Ghadirian’s women do deal with the dissonance of our world. They accept their identity but don’t suffer in their daily environment and prefer to work on themselves.

place & year of birth
1974, Teheran

featured galleries


Graduated from
B.A degree in Photography, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

solo exhibitions
Photo Festival of Istanbul, Turkey
B21 Gallery, Dubai

group exhibitions
Gallery Davide Gallo, Berlin, Germany

Silk road Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Inaugura en Tucumán, Mexico
Selyemes Fenyek, Budapest, Ungarn
Le Rectangle, Lyon, France
Distinctive, Artspace Witzenhausen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Blessed are the Merciful, Feigen Contemporary, New York, U.S.A