Sergej Dott

Berlin, Germany
Berlin-based Artist Sergej Alexander Dott is best known for his public interventions. In 2003 he realized his project “Himmelsblumen” at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. Oversized roses were installed as temporary sculptures between modern architecture. The playful way of connecting the artificial nature to the open space between the buildings was first and foremost intended to catch the attention of passersby. Albeit there was certainly much more of content hidden in this work of Sergej Alexander Dott’s. The symbolic history of the rose is complex: for the Greeks the rose was a symbol of love, with the beginning of Christianity the rose became the mask of the devil, later on its essence was used to heal dejections.

Sergej Alexander Dott’s work consists of sculptures, installations, photography, and drawings. Every project Dott undertakes is seen through inventions of new forms, sometimes overlapping with older projects but often leading to completely new expressions. Neon tubes commonly used in public space for advertising combined with photography as in his work “6 Luminescent Objects” become advertisements for the artwork itself. What the artist himself describes as “Neon-Comics” are conceptual artworks with a good sense of humor.
What is of interest to the artist are temporary changes of familiar surroundings in order to invoke associations of all sorts. The unexpected is intended to train the eyes for everyday life.

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solo exhibitions
'Column II', Gallery Rossella Junck, Berlin, Germany

Art-for-architecture Facade design Berlin-Weißensee, Obersteiner Weg, Berlin

Academic art project in co-operation with the Fraunhofer-Association for the Hannover-Trade fair, Germany

Facade design 'Wilde Nature', Neonfacade, Kollwitzstraße, Berlin, Germany

'Himmelsblumen', art installation for the 5th anniversary of the DaimlerChrysler quaters at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
'Blütenträume', Augsburg-Park, Augsburg, Germany

'Sergej Dott', Gallery Kühn, Berlin
'Bronzekönig', Rathausvorplatz, Ichenhausen, Germany

'Alltägliches als absurdes Theater', Gallery Kühn, Bremen
Facade design 'Die Rückkehr der Kühe', Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße, Berlin

Presentation for architectural bounded art, Berlin
Facade design 'Blüten', Pappelallee, Berlin

Façade project 'KUHUUNST', Kollwitzstraße 18, Berlin
Facade project 'Die Adern leuchten', Kunstberatung Berlin

ARTCO Projektraum, Leipzig
Facade-Portrait-Installation Kollwitzstraße / Corner Knaackstraße, Gallery Blickensdorff
'Neonbilder' exhibition in the Ufa-Fabrik, Berlin
Publishing of the 'Kunstaktie'

'Leuchtender Pfad ', facade project, Kollwitzstr. 18, Gallery Blickensdorff, Berlin
'heilewelt Magdeburg', cultural summer rider’s fair Magdeburg, Downtown and artspace Moritzhof
Cycle 'Sodomir and the four seasons', Leipzig
Space staging 'heilewelt', city hall Berlin-Köpenick
'Villa Wildensteinerstraße', Berlin-Karlshorst
'Sculptures', Gallery Wohnmaschine

group exhibitions
'Küssen - NIE! II', exhibition in Dresden-Neustadt, Gallery: Kunsthaus Raskolnikow
'Intermezzo', Gallery Rossella Junck, Berlin Mitte

'Küssen - NIE!' Prostitutes in Berlin-Lichtenberg, photographic notes and interviews for a book project

'Werkschau 7', Neues Kunstquartier Berlin
'RESERVOIR V', Aerotektura, exhibition in the cictern, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Gallery Kühn, Berlin

'Menschen im Bad', City bath Berlin-Neukölln
'Der Hase', Gallery Kühn, Berlin

Gallery Kühn, Berlin
ArtCo-Gallery, Leipzig
Summer exhibition, Gallery Blickensdorff, Berlin
Artists of the Gallery, Gallery Kühn, Bremen

Special exhibition, Gallery Blickensdorff
'Befragung der Räume', Art-museum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg
'Maisons Mise en Scène', Gallery Blickensdorff

'Die Brücken von Andau', 1000 years Austria
5 years studio community milk yard, Haus Schwarzenberg
'Art Centre', in the ruins of the minster, Berlin

'Werkschau IV', Neues Kunstquartier Berlin
'RESERVOIR I', Labyrinth of remembering, exhibition in the cictern, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
'Art Picknick', Installation in the wood, Zukui (Japan)

'Werkschau III', Neues Kunstquartier, Berlin
'Artenoa', urban space art, Köpenick
'Art Frankfurt', Gallery Wohnmaschine
'Ne Boisja Tramvai', art in and at the tram, St. Petersburg

'Art Cologne', Gallery Wohnmaschine
'Art Frankfurt', Gallery Wohnmaschine
'Aufschwungost oder das Theater danach', Coffin factory, Vienna
'Werkschau 1', Neues Kunstquartier Berlin

Sculptural works for the 'Requiem' of W.A. Mozart, in the Uraufführungskirche of the play in Vienna
'Über alle Grenzen', studio Alexanderplatz, Berlin