Panos Tsagaris

New York, USA
The work of the Greek artist Panagioris Tsagaris evolves on diverse but closely related levels: photography, sculpted objects, and performance. The aesthetic experience stems from a fundamental thought, an idea which leads the viewer to a specific reaction. In the work 'In a sense something between Good and Naught', the artist gives the viewer/user of the work a box containing a scroll with instructions on how to save the world. The scroll is rolled up and tied with a strand of blond hair, belonging to a woman; the user of the work is only authorized to contact the blonde woman, or her heirs, the day in which the world seriously runs the risk of coming to an end. In this case, the user will be able to break the glass which contains the scroll and read the instructions.

It is thus a conceptual operation, which induces the user towards a specific behavior, and is poetic in the sense that it suggests a melancholic romanticism. In other works, the artist operates in even more explicit ways on behavior, on his own and on that of the viewer. In his performances, a simple kiss comes to represent an element of purification and oils and perfumes are used in very specific rituals to purify others as well as the artist himself. What remains are images, ritual objects, handmade by the artist which, through their simplicity, are a demonstration of an aesthetic and existential experience lived and sublimated
through art.

place & year of birth
1979, Athens

featured galleries

BA in Fine Arts, Major in Communication Design,
Emily Carr Institute of Art&Design, Vancouver, Canada

solo exhibitions
'The Divine Darkness', galerie davide gallo, Berlin, Germany

'Theanthropic', at UP&Co Gallery, NY

group exhibitions
M*A*S*H at Art Loves Design, during Art Basel Miami Beach. Curated by David Hunt, Directed by Michael Sellinger
Crosby Street Art Project, The Apartment, NY
ART BASEL MIAMI,curated by David Hunt

'Friends and lovers', part of the CREAM edition, issue 3, Hong Kong

CREAM publication, Winter edition, issue 3, Hong Kong
CREAM publication, StarWars edition, issue 5, Hong Kong