Oleg Dou

Moscow, Russia
When Oleg Dou explains his interest in photography he relates a story that happened to him when he was a child. The photographer who took the portrait pictures of the children in Dou’s kindergarten asked him to hold a toy, like a bear or a dog, and smile into the camera. After the pictures had been taken, the toy would have to be returned to the photographer. Dou having felt very uncomfortable with the situation analyses the pictures today in the following way: “It looks like grown-ups playing with kids, making them pretend to smile when they don’t want to, so the real toy in a picture is the child.” *

Dou’s portrait photography is a combination of reality and artificiality. It ranges between fashion photography and animated computer games. The sterilized mannequin-like faces, often without hair, seem to be ghosts of former human beings. The fixed gaze weirdly meets the viewer’s eye.

The artist uses a digital camera in order to take pictures of human beings but employs an image editing software afterwards and retouches all individual marks. Although the faces seem to express no emotions at first glance, in a strange way they appear more alive than plastic mannequins. The limits of perfection, forms of self-expression, and human individuality are the main topics Oleg Dou discusses in his various series of faces.

place & year of birth
Moscow, 1983

featured galleries
Selection: Spain - Senda gallery, Barcelona; NL - Flatland gallery, Utrecht; Russia - Aidan, Moscow; Belgium - Espace Art22, Brussels; South Korea - Interalia, Seoul

2001 -2006
Moscow State Institiute of Steel and Alloys
Since 2006 Candidate of Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys

solo exhibitions
Toystory, Flatland Gallery – Utrecht
Oleg Dou, Galeria SENDA – espai 2nou2, Barcellona
The Faces, Interalia – Seoul
Tears, Espace Art 22, Bruxelles
Toy story, Aidan Gallery, Mosca

group exhibitions
SU:MBISORI. Jeju Museum of Art, Republic of Korea
Kandinsky Prize, Moscow
Russia. Four Generations, Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
White fair, Espace Art 22, Bruxelles

July 2009 - Think Again, Czech
June 2009 - Tendencias, Spain
May 2009 - Zoom, International
May 2009 - Focus, Poland
May 2009 - Life Element, China
March 2009 - Atitude, Spain
January 2009 - Public Art, South Korea
January 2009 - DEI, Russia
November 2008 - Azart Photo, France
September 2008 – Citizen K, Russia
Summer 2008 -Next Level, UK
May 2008 - After Capture, USA
April 2008 - ARTEnews, Belgium
April 2008 - AAA, Belgium
March 2008 - Stilus, Hungary
January 2008 - Together, EU
December 2007 - Artchronica, Russia
November 2007 - Camera Arts, USA
November 2007 - Adbusters magazine, Canada
October 2007 - Space magazine, USA
October 2007 - Whole Life, USA
August2007 - FS magazine, Brasil
July 2007 - Junge_Kunst, Germany
May 2007 - Snap, UK
May 2007 - Gallery magazine, Ukraine
April 2007 - L'Imprononcable, France
April 2007 - SOON , France
April 2007 - Elegy , France
February 2007 - Le Monde 2, France
January 2007 - Decorate, Spain
September2006 - Fotomasterskaya, Russia

2008 International Photography Awards
- Photographer of the year Fineart
- 1st place in subcategory for Toystory series

2007 International Photography Awards
- Photographer of the year Special
- 1st place in subcategory for Nuns series
- 2nd place in subcategory for Naked faces series

2007 International Color Awards
- 1st place Photograph of the year
- 1st place Outstanding Achievement in Fineart