Leon David

Tel Aviv, Israel
For his digital artwork, Leon David employs the technology of 3D animations. His series “Hollow Beings” consisting of the two videos “Wedding Dress” and “Centilus Maximus” introduces two sub-aquatic creatures. The protagonist in “Wedding Dress” resembles the form of a jellyfish. Although the space around the floating object is totally empty, the viewer’s sense immediately recognizes the agravic object as an underwater creature swimming in its natural environment. The opening-up gesture of the moving object seems to imitate the breathing of a living creature. As the title already tells, the form reminds one of a ladies’ wedding dress. The close-up even shows bouquets of flowers, which seem to be the outcome of a laborious sewing operation.

Not as obvious is the gender of the subject in “Centilus Maximus” until the sea cucumber-like creature starts to spray jets of semen into the empty space. Out of control, the little dots spread all over the projection screen like a computer shooting game played without a joystick.

The sub-aquatic creatures are constructs of digital visualization, they are products of a drawing machine from the era of computer and high technology and they have become subjects of another world, which is intrinsically tied to the real world.

place & year of birth
Israel, 1977

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none to date

group exhibitions
'Boys craft', Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

'Boys craft' exhibition catalog
Text by: Tami Catz-Freiman, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel 2007