Jens Heller

Berlin, Germany
Jens Heller's paintings unite the stylistic peculiarities of several artistic flows. Starting out from the means of traditional realistic oil painting he integrates the unreal and supernatural dream sphere of surrealistic tendencies.

He uses fine graded nuances that evoke a very high degree of plasticity. However by focusing on detail and enlarging the dimensions, his paintings seem to be imaginary and visionary. In terms of content he works on several levels of meaning. Refusing the immediate narrative coherency, his attention will be targeted to the meta-level. In this way he deals with sense and perception of the individual.

place & year of birth
1966, Berlin

featured galleries

solo exhibitions
none to date

group exhibitions
'CONTINUO', Gallery Rossella Junck, Berlin, Germany
'Jens Heller and Julius Weiland' , Gallery Rossella Junck, Berlin, Germany
'The Elefant', Gallery Kühn, Berlin, Germany
'Kunst im Garten', Fischerhude, Germany
Exhibition with Christian Meier at the Radisson SAS, Hamburg, Germany
'inaff' Group exhibition, Berlin, Germany
'Operartion Hafencity', group exhibition with Christian Meier, Hamburg, Germany
'The Frog', Gallery Kühn, Berlin and Lilienthal, Germany
Gallery Lochte, Hamburg, Germany
'Cool Xmas', Gallery Kühn, Berlin, Germany
Inauguration of the marble fountain in Peccia, canton Tessin, Switzerland
'Kunst im Garten', Fischerhude, Germany
Gallery Lochte.
Highest award of the 'Scuola di Scultura' and the municipality of Peccia, canton Tessin/Switzerland: conception and realization of a marble fountain.
Gallery Kühn, Berlin, Germany
'Framfab', Repsold-House, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery Kühn, Lilienthal, Germany
Gallery Kühn, Lilienthal, Germany
Presentation of 'Wirklich?! / Really?! ', a multimedia-project on cd-rom in collaboration with Barbara Gabain, MULTIMEDIX (trade fair for multimedia), Hamburg, Germany
Gallery 7/8 Barmherzigkeit, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery Kühn, Lilienthal, Germany
Gallery 'Zeitraum', Oldenburg, Germany
Gallery Kühn, Berlin, germany
'Art For Tomorrow', Multimedia-Centre Rothenbaumchaussee, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery 'augenart', Hamburg, Germany
Gallery ATLANTIS, Worpswede, Germany
Atelierhof, Bremen, Germany
Gallery 13, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery Kühn, Lilienthal, Germany
Gallery 13, Hamburg.
Project 'Renaissance' with Paul P. Monk (catalogue)

Gallery 13, Hamburg.
Gallery 13, Hamburg.
'Erste Wahl', Hamburger Kunstverein, (catalogue)
Gallery KM 235, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery S.T.E.K., Berlin.
Group exhibition 'Gruppe 54' in Hamburg
'Cop-Art' - Bahnhof Neustadt, Bremen