Heidi Stern

Berlin, Germany
In her work, Heidi Stern confronts the problem of art in relation to the plastic form and the drawing. Clay is her preferred material. Heidi Stern both reconstructs an ambient taken from the popular tradition and represents the facts portrayed in the imagery of traditional painting.
An old photograph, a fragment of a film, a painting from the Renaissance, become the starting point to build scenes in which her clay figures take on life.

The visual result is amplified because the artist represents her characters with an Expressionism typical of the German tradition, tempered -as seen especially in the drawings- by a strong poetical vein, as well as sometimes ironical components of the Hebrew tradition.

place & year of birth
1957 in Havana, Cuba

featured galleries

studied at the Fine Arts Academy, HdK, in Berlin

solo exhibitions
galerie davide gallo, Berlin: Globus Syndrome

gallery 35, Berlin

group exhibitions
Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem: Equal and Less Equal

gallery of the city Rosenheim Panzerhalle, Potsdam (catalogue)
Raboisen Gallery, Hamburg
Dokumentationszentrum Prora, Ruegen
Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, 'The new Hebrew', (catalogue)
'Always glad to be of service...' ifa-gallery, Berlin (catalogue)

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