Gal Weinstein

Tel Aviv, Israel
"A pivotal point crucial to the comprehension of Weinstein's work is his humanist anti-romantic position, which does not draw a clear-cut line between "nature" and "culture", but rather recognizes the overlapping areas between them. The cracked desert floor, the tiled roof, the venous walls, the frizzled silicon curtains, as well as the dog and the horse – all these mark a single territory that oscillates between the domestic interior which is charged with emotional tension, and the bestial exterior that has been domesticated and stylized, and thus restrained. While the traditional distinction between "nature" and "culture" presupposes the superiority of culture by virtue of the lucid inner logic of cultural thought vis-à-vis the disorderly arbitrariness characterizing the forces of nature, in Weinstein's work nature and culture are reflected in one another, renouncing the hierarchical vantage point. The dramatic tension between these two categories is no longer relevant for a discussion that focuses on measures of control and loss of control in view of the ambivalent states of the canny. Ultimately, it is the sensorial dimension that leads to the cultural realms, realms that are never free of human-psychological ambiguity."
(From "Gal Weinstein/Roof", 2002, text by Tali Tamir)

place & year of birth
Ramat Gan, Israel 1970

featured galleries

solo exhibitions
Tremors, Huarte Contemporary Art Center, Pamplona, Spain. Curator: Octavio Zaya

Cross-section, Anna Ticho Pavillion, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Timna Zaligman

Huleh Valley, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Curator: Ellen Ginton

group exhibitions
Inside-Out, Marco, Vigo, Spain. Curator: Octavio Zaya

Fatamorgana, Haifa Museum of Art, Curator: Tami Katz-Freiman

Israele Arte e Vita, Palazzo Real, Milan. Curator: Amnon Barzen

Young Artists’ Award, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

1999 Artist Teacher Fellowship, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2000 Artist Teacher Fellowship, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2001 Sharet Foundation Fellowship, Israel-America Fund for Culture

2003 The Hadassah and Rafael Klachkin Grant for Art, America-Israel Cultural Foundation

2004 The Israel Cultural Excellence Award
Tel Aviv Museum Israeli Artist Award

2006 The Beatrice S. Kolliner Young Israeli Artist Award, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Israeli Ministry of Culture Award