Assaf Rahat

Tel Aviv, Israel
In his works Assaf Rahat explores the intimate spaces using description of images from memory and introspects. He interlaces mythological characters with domestic scenes, faces, images of sexuality and death. The hard masculine materials- concrete, metal, ceramics and calcium are replaced with delicate, soft, flexible, airy sewing threads.
The relations in his work between isolation and containing, between soft and hard, feminine and masculine, amusing and threatening, express the meeting point of the domestic space and the mental space – a point where the well defined and concrete melts into the mental, where mythology and reality corresponds to express the human condition, emotion and state of mind.

place & year of birth
Israel, 1970

featured galleries

Graduated Hamidrasha School of Art – Beit Berl Collage 1998

solo exhibitions
'Private Space', Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

'Eye Contact', Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

group exhibitions
'BoysCraft', Haifa Museum of Art

Yanko-Dada Museum, Ein Hod

'BoysCraft', Haifa Museum of Art